(Service Beyond Reporting of Numbers)

You can hire a cheap bookkeeper to organize numbers, spit out reports and send you on your way with no added value to you.  It is the old saying, "You Get What You Pay For."  When you see your financial reports the numbers are talking to you.  They are telling you a story of what is truly happening with your money and your financial position.  Not every bookkeeper will understand the picture that is being painted on your financial canvas.

Shockingly, there are people who use bookkeeping software and ask you to hire them as bookkeepers.  They have learned how to use the canned software purchased over-the-counter and have little to no understanding of how to do bookkeeping.  They depend on the software to manage it all for them.  Software can be a great tool, however, everyone's financial situation is unique and canned software purchased over-the-counter is Not always the best solution.  Especially canned software in the hands of people who do not have the knowledge or skills of a qualified bookkeeper.  Unfortunately, many of the popular software programs in use today do not follow good bookkeeping rules and practices and can compound your financial difficulties.

Kevin Smith is a certified Bookkeeping Specialist and Financial Coach who successfully gives non-profits and small business owners the leverage they need to move past financial challenges and toward living out the mission of their chosen money path.  When you hire Kevin Smith as your bookkeeper you gain the benefits of a financial coach who will help you through every step of understanding your financial picture.

Are You Qualified?

Kevin Smith supports a wide variety of clients on their financial path to their desired goals and dreams.  His bookkeeping service is limited to a more selective group of clients.  You are always welcome to contact Kevin Smith and discuss if you are a good fit for his bookkeeping service.

Initial Qualifying Questions

  • Are you a non-profit or small business owner?
  • Do you like the security of a flat monthly service fee with No hourly rates?
  • Do you have less than 140 transactions each month?

If you said yes to these questions then take the next step TODAY!  Mention Bookkeeping in the message box.